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Thursday, July 9, 2009

New partnership helps solve common problems with video security systems.

New partnership helps solve common problems with video security systems.

New partnership helps solve common problems with video security systems.
By Peter Brissette

The new integration of GSP America IP Cameras and LuxRiot DVR software will help to solve many of the common problems associated with video security systems currently.

GSP America, a manufacturer of high-quality CCTV systems since 2000, announces a critical new relationship with LuxRiot, a DVR software developer. LuxRiot has completed a full integration with the more than fifteen models of IP cameras currently offered by GSP America.This new relationship goes a long way in solving three common problems with video security systems today.

Those three problems are:
  • Managing multiple IP cameras from a variety of manufacturers with a single system; including Megapixel cameras.
  • Reducing cost by using existing hardware instead of purchasing expensive new hardware.
  • Easily and effectively creating hybrid recording and management systems.

There are few software/hardware systems that can manage multiple IP Cameras from a variety of camera manufacturers; LuxRiot is one of them. This will allow someone to implement a new video security system with GSP America cameras and still maintain an open architecture to add other manufacturers IP Cameras. This is a benefit to contractors since they will be able to truly recommend the exact camera their customers need with out concern for compatibility.This includes the ability to view, manage and record Megapixel cameras.

Megapixel cameras reduce the number of cameras needed and increase versatility to digitally pan, tilt and zoom the recorded images.Since LuxRiot is a very light software system it can be installed on any existing PC and will work with any IP Cameras. This will eliminate the need to purchase expensive DVR or NVR devices which is a significant savings to end users.

Finally LuxRiot has the ability to work with a variety of analog camera capture cards that if installed will allow the system to work with existing analog cameras as well. This will eliminate the need to replace analog cameras allowing for the addition of new IP cameras. This is a very easy and effective way to create a hybrid system.

GSP America has a full line up of IP Cameras available. Some of the many options are Domes, Full Body, PTZs both indoor and outdoor. Additional options include Day/Night, Infrared and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) capabilities.GSP America also has the knowledge and expertise to assist with PoE requirements and can help you design and implement a video security system to work effectively with Power Over Ethernet PoE.For additional information about the new partnership please contact Peter Brissette at GSP America.

About GSP America:GSP America has been manufacturing for over ten years. GSPA originally sold in the US under OEM partners and now for the last three years under the GSPA brand name. GSP America specializes in Video Security systems that meet the most common needs of the every day low voltage contractor and integrator. From Analog to IP to Wide Dynamic Range, GSP America has the Video Security equipment needed to get the job done. GSPA provides ongoing training via websites, live webinars and even live events. Technical support is also provided for contractors and integrators 24/7.For more information, visit or call the GSPA headquarters in Westminster, CO.

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