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Monday, November 23, 2009 latest updates

Just wanted to post a short note to our readers.

There has been a lot of things going on in the background over the last couple of months that has taken a lot of time and attention away from the blog and even the website. We have been working on developing some new key technology to make the site more interactive and building new content as well.

The goal is to continue to expand the site and offer more training and advice not only to contractors but to those who are putting in security systems themselves. There are a lot of products out there that people buy in the retail market but then do have the support or information that they need to actually use the products to the fullest potential. We hope to be able to provide help for that.

We have been getting great feedback on the site as well on things that people are looking for and the information that they need. If you have come and did not find what your looking for please visit our main site and fill out the quick three question survey so that we can better priorize the necessary changes.

Here are few of the new key things that have been added to the site.

1. Three column design. We went to this design to make the navigation and use of the site more functional and to increase the amount of information available to vistiors without changing pages. There are many pages that have to be transitioned so it will be done gradually over the next few months. If you find a page that looks like the information is not up to date please let us know.

2. CCTV news update. We added a news update page that will have headlines from latest news and information in the world of CCTV. It will also include a list of our latest page updates as well.

3. RSS feed. We added the RSS feed so you can subscribe to the site and any time we add or update information on the site we will push it to our feed if we feel it is something note worthy. We hope you will subscribe to the feed.

4. Ask the Security Camera Expert. This is one of the new advanced interactive features we have added to the site. We get many questions so we wanted to start sharing that information with other vistors. It will help us to build a FAQ and a forum type question and answer option that should be helpful and informative to everyone. Be sure to check it out!!

Other major changes coming.

Webinar series updates
Email ezine and optin lists updates
More relavent and helpful content!!!

And much much more,

Thank you all that follow the site and the blog and we are working hard to continue to bring you the information and help you need as it relates to CCTV and security camera systems.


Peter Brissette
Site Owner