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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Easy IP Security Cameras by Easy Video Online

CSCS is introducing a great new Easy IP Security Camera from Easy Video Online.

We have been reviewing these cameras and the things they can do are very cool.

There are six main things about them that set them a part from other IP Camera Systems.

1. Very easy to install. It is just plug-n-play. You do not need kind of networking know how to get these cameras connected and online. There are no static IP addresses to worry about and no port forwarding.

2. There is no software to install. It is all web based. You access your security cameras "in the cloud!"

3. You can view live video from any PC or phone. (works with Iphones and Blackberrys among others)

4. No additional hardware needed for recording. The cameras are the DVR so no PC or dedicated appliance necessary.

5. There is no limit on the number of cameras or locations that you can connect to your account. These are totally scalable!

6. There are no monthly services charges. Just buy the cameras, connect them and your good to go!

Plus for all the features and quality of these cameras the prices are very reasonable and competitive.

Take a look at the link below to learn more about these cameras.

Easy IP Security Cameras by Easy Video Online

Would love to hear what you think about them as well!!


Peter Brissette
Security Camera Consultant