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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The myth of higher resolution camera will result in a better image all the time

It has been a while since I posted and wanted to do a series of short articles.

The series of articles will comment on the top 10 myths of Video Security. The original information and inspiration comes from John Honovich over at

The firs of the myths has to do with video resolution. Specifically how Megapixel security cameras are marketed.

You probably have seen resolution diagrams like the one below.

Often megapixel cameras are marketed as always having the better capture resolution than a standard resolution security camera.

However it is not just that simple. The resolution ability of the cameras sensor is only one of several factors that determine the actual image resolution that can be captures.

The first most important factor is lighting. If there is little to no light then your megapixel security camera is blind as a bat (but without the built in sonar!). You just get much higher resolution blurriness. That's just want I need taking up storage space on my hard drive!

Just think about your own eyes. How well do you see in the dark?

Of course there are cameras that are built for night vision but resolution goes out the window even in that situation.

There can even be issues with bright light. Sunlight can wash out security camera very easily, even a megapixel security camera.

So how can you know for sure. The best way to know is to actually test cameras in the specific location you want to capture and test in a variety of lighting conditions.

You could also take some digital pictures of your scene in a variety of lighting conditions to see how the image is effected. It won't be perfect but could give you some ideas.

Look for additional Myths debunked in future editions.

Peter Brissette